Dos and Don’ts to Make Fire Damage Restoration Easier

Fortunately, you may have never experienced a fire in your home. However, it’s important to be aware of the actions you should take after a fire to protect yourself, and minimise the extent of the damage. Acting appropriately will also facilitate the work of fire damage restoration professionals and expedite the process of restoring your house.

In today’s blog post, we will discuss what you should and shouldn’t do after fire damage occurs in your home.

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What to Do and What Not After Fire Damage for a Quick Fire Damage Restoration

After a fire, homes become unsafe due to smoke, soot, and potential structural instability. There may also be other damages that you might overlook, making your building more hazardous to use.

Having a clear understanding of the dos and don’ts can help protect your health, prevent further fire damage, and expedite the restoration process. Let’s take a look:

Dos After A House Fire Damage

In most cases, homeowners panic or feel overwhelmed when they experience a fire in their homes. However, knowing what steps to take next can aid in property recovery. For example:

#1: Call Fire Damage Restoration Experts For Advice-

Once the fire is extinguished, call a fire damage restoration company. They will work with you to assess and advise on the next steps in the Restoration process. Early response can result in many items being able to be restored.

 Additionally, they can provide guidance on further actions you should take, such as: whether it is safe or not to enter the home, or use different utilities or appliances. Moreover, they will inform you about the secondary damages that can occur because of smoke, soot and ash.

#2: Separate Your Damaged Items From Undamaged Ones-

When you enter your home after the time recommended by the fire damage restoration experts, try to relocate undamaged items away from the affected areas. It will help the restoration experts to begin the process as quickly as possible. Additionally, you can create a list of damaged items for insurance purposes.

#3: Find A Safe Place To Stay-

After fire damage, it may not possible to stay in your home, especially during the restoration process. Your Insurance Company may be able to provide you with Temporary accommodation somewhere else, such as a hotel.

Don’ts After a House Fire Damage

As mentioned earlier, your home structure may be unstable after a fire. It’s crucial to know what actions to avoid to prevent putting yourself in danger or exacerbating the situation.

#1: Don’t Enter The Home Before Time

A home may not be not safe to enter just after a fire. Therefore, it’s important to wait until the professionals give you the go-ahead to enter.

#2: Don’t Use Utilities And Electrical Appliances-

Even if you are permitted to enter the house, using electrical appliances and utilities, such as gas, water, or electricity may be dangerous. Additionally, ensure that your ceiling is not wet before turning on the lights. Fire can cause damage to wiring, making it more threatening to use them. Ask the fire damage restoration experts when it’s safe to use these utilities again.

#3: Don’t Move Your Vehicle-

If your car has been damaged by fire or is in close proximity to the fire, avoid attempting to move it. Starting the vehicle can be unsafe, especially when it has been exposed to smoke and fire.

In a Nutshell

A house fire can be overwhelming, but taking these actions may help you stay safe and avoid further property damage. Of all, the must-taken action is calling the top fire restoration company in Queensland, Restosure. We have a highly skilled team to handle fire damage, smoke and soot restoration and bring back most items to their original state using proven methods.

So, why wait? Book a service now or request a FREE consultation today!