How to Spot Water Damage in the Property You Are Living

Water damage is a massive threat to any building and occurs a lot more often than residents might realise. Irrespective of the location, age, or built quality, properties of all types are susceptible to water damage. It results in different problems, leaving owners in a mess. 

Spotting the signs of water damage at an early stage can be tricky as they are not always apparent. Some instances are obvious, but others could be gradual, invisible, or even subtle. Finally, we are here to help. Keep your eyes open for the below signs to detect water damage in your home.

#1 Mould Growth

Mould is a fungal growth that takes place due to excessive dampness and moisture. Any surface in your home that remains damp for an extended period of time may pave the way for mould formation. They can also grow out of sight, like behind bathroom tiles, under carpets, inside walls, etc. But they are most commonly found in places that have excessive moisture. Therefore, we recommend looking for mould in bathrooms, kitchens, etc. 

Mould commonly appears in black, blue, and green colours with a fuzzy texture. Look for these characteristics when finding and identifying mould. Their musty smell is another giveaway sign.  

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#2 Dark Watermarks or Wet Spots 

Look for discolouration on the ceiling as well as in the interior and exterior walls of your home. Don’t delay consulting with a water damage restoration company if you find any. Such marks could indicate water damage and hence require immediate inspection. 

#3 Dampness and Excessive Humidity

Inexplicable dampness and humidity in your home can be an evident sign of an undetected water leak. Therefore, you must check for wet surfaces where water shouldn’t be accumulating. In such circumstances, nearby leaks are often found to be the culprit. 

#4 Strange Noises of Running Water

You may not always see the signs of water damage, but you can at least hear it. Though the sound of water dripping is apparent, leaking water can still take on deceptive noises in a house. We recommend listening to it closely when the building is quiet. The night is the best time to do it when people are asleep, and the traffic outside is negligible.

#5 Cracking and Bubbling

Flakes, bubbles, or cracks on your walls, ceiling, or paint may initially seem like a small problem. But it could be the tip of the iceberg. The real damage is generally present deep inside the walls of your house and could cause problems with structural integrity. In fact, this statement is true for most of the signs that we have discussed above. So please do not take any of them lightly, as they can worsen over time.

Rely on water damage restoration specialists for deep inspections of these signs and get them fixed before the condition of your house is compromised. Here comes another big question, who should you trust for this job? You can conduct a Google search using terms like water damage restoration companies near me to find out experts that fix water damage in your city. Counting on Restosure will also do the job. We are a highly rated and affordable company offering a wide range of restoration and repair jobs.

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