How Does Restoration Companies Assist With Water Damage?

Water damage is something that almost every homeowner experiences at some point in their lives. And since it’s an emergency, you should always stay prepared. That’s why it’s necessary for you to know whom to call for water damage restoration!

People often get confused when the time comes. Hence, you should know the answer ahead! Well, it’s always better to count on a water damage restoration company over a plumber, especially when the issues are massive ones, like the standing water to the structure! 

First, since water damage doesn’t come with a warning by knocking on your door, you should always keep water remediation services on your emergency dial. Next, you need to determine what type of water damage you are experiencing so you can explain your water damage issues correctly to the pros. 

water damage restoration

When To Call A Water Damage Restoration Company

The short answer is when the situation is desperate! It means that minor issues, like clogged toilets, broken sewer lines, burst pipes or even broken gas lines, are the ones that a plumber can take care of. But when it goes beyond, like flooding in the basement, frozen water pipes and mould, you should not delay calling a water damage restoration company because the damage is likely to spread more than you are seeing.

Here’s How Restoration Companies Can Help You With Water Damage

Professional water damage restoration companies come in when you need to deal with removing excess water because of natural disasters or plumbing problems, like sewage-contaminated water, moisture damage and so on. The professional uses the safest and most effective moisture detection tools to identify the moisture damage on the wall, floors or carpets and drying equipment to eliminate the damage and reduces the chances of mould growth. 

Now, while searching on Google for “water damage restoration near me,” you will find us at the top search. 

We at Restosure offer professional water damage services all year round. If you wonder about our process for water remediation, let us tell you how we handle water damage!

Since water damage requires quick action, our pros go ahead immediately after they arrive at your place. Our water restoration process involves a few steps:

Step #1: Water Damage Assessment-

In this stage, we look for the source of water damage to determine the best way to fix it. We assess how long the walls, carpets, or floors have been wet to ensure how far the damage has happened. For instance, if your basement or home has been contaminated with sewage water for more than a day, we advise you to dispose of the items first that are irreparable, like the carpets. 

Step #2: Detect And Locate The Problem-

Once we find out the water damage source and detect the root cause of the problem, we come to the solution with our advanced extraction methods using powerful vacuums. Our professionals eliminate the stagnant water as soon as possible so further damage doesn’t occur, like mould growth, home foundation damage and much more. Also, we use moisture detection tools to ensure that any more moisture damage remains on the walls, floors or carpets. 

Step #3: Water Damage Repair And Restoration-

After extracting the water, we thoroughly dry out the affected areas of the floors, walls and carpets while cleaning those entirely, including pressure washing the floors, steam cleaning the carpets and sanitising the premises. 

Bottom Line

So, whenever you need expert help with water damage remediation, give us a call. We will help you recover from the water damage and provide the best possible outcome. Request a free consultation today!