Learn Different Aspects of Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration

Fire and smoke damage is devastating and deadly. The scenario and the aftermath of such events are not something we can easily overcome. And, one cannot respond in a similar way for both situations. Well, it is true that both fire and smoke damage require immediate action to mitigate the secondary damage. A fire outbreak is a visible destruction that can immediately damage property and cause costly structural damage. However, smoke damage is more pervasive and less destructive making the surface full of soot and infiltrating materials while leaving an unpleasant odour, causing breathing problems.

Before taking any step for fire or smoke damage restoration, you have to understand the difference in both restoration processes so that you can make an informed decision and bring your property back to its pre-loss condition. So, let’s have a look at the different approaches for fire and smoke damage and understand what your next step should be.

fire and smoke damage

Fire Damage Restoration- Impacts And Considerations

Fire damage basically causes direct destruction to your property, burning down all amenities and causing serious damage to the building structure. As fire damage is immediate and obvious, you have to reach out to a fire damage restoration company as soon as the firefighters are done with their jobs. Now here are the major impacts of fire damage that you can overcome with the help of a fire damage restoration team.

Structural Damage
The interior and exterior structure of a building can be severely affected by a fire outbreak. The structure can weaken and even collapse when it comes into contact with the fire or the heat generated by the fire. So, even if the fire can be controlled with the efforts of firefighters, the structural integrity may be at risk.

Material Damage
When a fire breaks out, it can ravage a building fiercely and most items in the building can be destroyed by the flame. All your valuable assets including furniture, appliances, carpets, curtains, and other personal belongings can be damaged to the point where repair jobs may not work.

Water Damage
Water damage is the consequence of firefighters’ efforts. So, you have to prepare for that when a fire outbreak happens. As a significant amount of water is used to distinguish the fire, the structure as well as your belongings can be damaged due to the water. There will be water puddles as well in different corners of your property.
In such scenarios, you need to get help from a fire damage restoration team who can inspect the property after the firefighters leave the site and check the intensity of structural, material and water to provide a cost estimate for the repair and start the job.

Smoke Damage Restoration- Impacts And Considerations


Smoke damage is not as visible as fire damage. This insidious form of damage can look less dangerous but it can lead to costly secondary damages and serious health issues.

Physical Damage
Just like fire, smoke can spread within a building quickly and cover the surface with soot or black residue. This substance can easily seep into porous materials like carpets, curtains and upholstery and can cause serious damage if not cleaned faster.

Odour Damage
Another way that smoke can cause harm is by spreading an unpleasant odour. Smoke particles that are unfiltered into the materials can leave a lingering smell that is uncomfortable.

In such events, trust a fire and smoke restoration company that specialises in soot cleaning and odour elimination techniques. Smoke damage may not cause serious structural damage, however, it also requires proper attention to minimise the chances of further issues due to smoke and soot.

A Trusted Partner For Smoke And Fire Damage Restoration


No matter how different the approaches and processes are for fire and smoke damage restoration, you must only involve professionals who can respond faster and help you recover your property and valuable assets. If you are looking for a trusted partner with extensive experience in fire and smoke damage restoration in Queensland, Australia contact us from Restosure. We have a dedicated team for fire, smoke and soot damage restoration who can make the restoration job less hectic for you. We also work closely with you and your insurer so that you can get peace of mind while your property is being reinstated.

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