What Can You Expect from Mould Removal and Mould Remediation?

At Restosure, we provide mould removal and mould remediation services.Our qualified team is expert at assessing, cleaning and preventing further mould growth.

But more importantly, identifying the cause of the mould, i.e. water.

No water – No Mould

Water is the number 1 factor in mould growth!

But before you give us a call, you should know what our services involve and what you can expect from this process.

Firstly, you should understand what mould remediation involves.

Identifying the source of the water, and fixing the problem.

Assessment for: what type of mould, what areas within your property are affected, and what type of remediation is required.

Mould remediation can involve cleaning the affected surfaces using IICRC approved methods, or for more significantly affected materials, may require removal and replacement of those areas.

What Is Mould?

Mould is a naturally occurring organism, and just because you have visible mould doesn’t necessarily mean you should be alarmed. But it does require action so that it doesn’t become a potential problem within your home.

However, our mould cleaning and remediation team provides 3-step mould removal services. See here:

Step #1: Mould Identification-

When you give our remediation experts a call for mould removal service, our first step is to assess it and address its source and mould type. For example, mould generally happens from moisture. So, we try to address where it is coming from and the causes of its build-up. 

Step #2: Mould Removal-

Actually, the mould-cleaning process depends on its location and the type of material it grows on. For instance, if the place where you find mould growth is hard-to-reach and challenging to assess, we need special equipment for mould removal and mould remediation to access those spots to treat the mould.  

Step #3: Mould Prevention-

If your home ages years, moisture can built-up again. So, we suggest monitoring the places at least twice a month to ensure mould doesn’t occur further. Here are the areas where you should review for mould in your residential property:

  • Kitchens, especially under the sink and around the pipe
  • Bathrooms, including the walls, floors and the areas around the pipes
  • Windows and windowsills
  • Corners of your floor and cupboards
  • Laundry rooms
  • Ceilings and walls

Bottom Line

Restosure is the leading mould remediation company in Queensland. Our skilled team will provide the right solution to your mould problem. Book a call now.