Advanced Structural Drying Australia- Restosure

Structural drying is a comprehensive process that helps to extract excess moisture trapped within building materials like concrete, drywall and lumber. Our advanced structural drying services in Australia top the industry by utilising specialised equipment like dehumidifiers and air movers. These work together to create a controlled drying environment, efficiently extracting moisture and preventing further structural damage. By acting fast and employing advanced structural drying, we can restore your property quickly and minimise the impact of water damage.

Our process

Removing water:

Our structural drying team prioritises swift action. We begin by eliminating all standing water using pumps, ensuring even carpets are thoroughly dried. This vital first step expedites the drying process compared to relying solely on ventilation, which can be slow and ineffective.


We firmly believe in offering the finest structural drying service in Australia by tackling moisture head-on. After removing standing water, high-powered fans go into action. By boosting air circulation, our team efficiently evaporates dampness from all affected surfaces, accelerating the drying process and preventing further damage. A thorough evaporation process is critical to ensure complete moisture removal.


Advanced structural drying offers a lot more. Once the stagnant water is removed, we start using the dehumidifiers. These powerful machines act like sponges for moisture in the air, effectively converting any lingering dampness from affected surfaces into vapour. This two-pronged approach of air circulation and dehumidification ensures a thorough and efficient drying process.

Temperature Management:

Once we are done with the removal of excess water, our structural drying team in Australia follows a routined temperature management. We aim to maintain a steady temperature between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit which is ideal for efficient moisture removal. Excessively high temperatures can negatively impact equipment performance, so we ensure to keep it within this range.